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Travelfuture has a passion for discovering and designing solutions for what customers want.

These presentations showcase the humor in just how often companies lose their focus in delivering to customer expectations, followed with a roadmap to avoiding common mistakes.

Available Speaker Topics:

What Customers Want ... and What They Get

When we get wrapped up in our business and processes, we often forget to ask customers what they expect from us and how they want to be served. This presentation focuses on reinforcing the basics in today’s interconnected world with a few laughs at what the customer actually experiences. Travelfuture’s President, Kimberly Osmer, presents and will discuss what to avoid and share best practices of leaders in customer service.

Interaction Lifestyle, Connecting Where it Counts

If you are waiting for customers to find you when they are ready to buy, you’re missing the point. There are many opportunities to become top of mind. Are you showing up and taking advantage of them? This presentation focuses on the entire lifecycle of the traveler’s trip from first thought to returning and thinking of the next trip, with great insights on opportunities to drive repeat customer relationships.

Adding Meaning to your Travels - Connecting Locally, Doing Good

Volunteer Travel is a growing business that supports local needs and creates lasting memories for volunteers. This presentation provides trends in voluntourism and identifies the market growth, current leaders and new opportunities.