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Kimberly Osmer

"Travel like a local !"

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Kimberly Osmer,
World Traveler, Travel Writer, Home Sharer, Exchanger, Adventurer

I fell in love with world travel as an American Field Service exchange student to Norway. My year abroad set the path of my career in the travel industry, and my dreams for seeing how people live, what they value and care about. My travel career led me from managing travel agencies to leading travel call centers, designing servicing solutions across multiple distribution channels, to strategy roles, business consulting and finally volunteer travel activities. In short, I learned a lot about the business of travel and with my free time, traveled.  Today I combine business consulting to travel industry leaders, travel writing, and traveling always seeking an insider view of life wherever I find myself.

I was intrigued early by the ability to home exchange and began using exchange websites first starting with a few exchanges in California and Hawaii. It was a quick leap from there to venture out to Europe and then all over the world.  This mode of travel suits me - having an apartment or home to stretch out in, making meals in, meet neighbors and live like a local - a perfect solution for a former exchange student1

Travel like a local is all about the joy of living in a destination, in a well-loved home for an extended stay at no to low expense and setting out each day on a new experience of local life.  Finding local culture and activities beyond normal sightseeing speaks to my sense of adventure, while having the comfort of a lovely home with kitchen and often a special amenity like a pool is a treat. I have a passion for the travel sharing economy and moving beyond traditional sightseeing to local life experiences.  I call this chapter of life "Traveling like a Local".

Look for travelogues, tips and commentary on Kim's blog and in articles published in your favorite magazines and newspapers.  The focus is on unique aspects of interesting destinations, sharing experiences and highlights and tips for security and ease in traveling and making this way of travel memorable.


Kim is a seasoned travel industry pro whose experience in both travel management and servicing strategy for American Express before leading Travelfuture's business consulting and project management firm for over 15 years, makes her particularly well suited to support service and product innovation.

Kim's expertise spans multiple travel industry verticals (travel agency, tour operator, hotel and cruise supplier). Kim is a speaker and writer seen on social media as well as on Travelfuture's website.

For more information, Kim can be reached on Travelfuture's contact pages, on LinkedIn or at  415-494-5285.